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Changzhou Kailing Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd.

Located in Changzhou of southern China’s Jiangsu Province, Changzhou Kailing Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Kailing”) is a medium-scale factory mainly specialized in the rear view mirrors and lights business, and also covers some other automotive parts and components such as actuator,bumpers,air outlet,sun visor and so on. In 2013, Kailing totally delivered 6,250 units of large,mini and medium-sized bus mirrors. Its annual turnover reached 55 billion yuan, up 20.0 percent compared to the previous year.

Kailing covers an area of 7800 sq m with a daily capacity of over 300 unit mirrors. Up to now, it has grown up into the famous and technologically advanced manufacturing base of large, mini and medium-sized bus and commercial vehicle mirrors around the China.Kailing researched and developed the autuator its own to ensure the quality stability of mirrors. The actuator plant is under construction and has been partially put into operation. It will have an expected annual output of 500,000 pieces after being completed, becoming another leading product for exporting. 

Kailing passed the ISO/TS16949:2009 Quality Management System Certification issued by NSF-ISR. As the most famous mirror brand in China, Kailing was honored“the best supplier”by Yutong Bus and won the award of“advanced product development and design”,and“the qualified supplier”of Kinglong Bus,Higer Bus,Foton,Golden Dragon,Yaxing Coach and so on.

Up to now, Kailing mirrors has formed a complete 5m-25m product lineup consisting of ordinary, medium-level and high-level products, covering various segment markets including highway passenger transit, tourism, public transport and so on, becoming a leading brand in China’s bus industry.

Kailing mirrors have been exported to many countries and regions, like Brazil, Ireland,Thailand,Iran, Saudi Arabia,Korea,Mexico and so on. Some of Kailing Mirrors have got E-mark certificate and begun to enter the European market. 

In order to maintain the competitive edge of the products,Kailing invested heavily in the research and development.In 2014,Kailing cooperated with Vehicle Products Laboratory of JIangsu University,which providing accurate test data for the research and development of mirrors thus effectively ensuring the quality stability of products. Kailing is developing the folding device,and applied for the patent.

After years of efforts,Kailing has grown into a medium-scale enterprise. “Client-oriented, employee-oriented” is the core Kailing’s corporation culture. According to the connotation of this concept, Kailing’s culture consists of meeting the customers requirements,creating values for clients, benefiting the society, enriching the employees.

Today, Kailing is creating value for its customers all over the world by constantly elevating its products and services. We are dedicated to developing business with you and becoming your strong and trusted business partner.

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The Rearview mirror heating technology
Driving in winter and rainy days, the foggy water and rainwater attached to the windshield and the rearview mirror can make the glass surface blurred and unclear, which seriously affects the driver's vision and creates a great safety hazard. The various technologies for removing rain and fog appearing on the rearview mirrors of the car have been invented to solve these problems.
The role of the line on outside rear-view mirror
Chinese manufacturer of Outside rear-view mirror introduces that there is a line on the outside of the car's rearview mirror. What is the specific role of this line? Here is the introduction for everyone
Why do the left and right rearview mirrors of the car look different?
Chinese manufacturer of Outside rear-view mirror thinks this have to start from the driving habits of the people, because according to national laws, the steering wheel of the motor vehicle is located on the left side of the cab.
Electric rearview mirror function
At present, electric rearview mirrors are used more in medium and high-end cars, and their functions mainly include the following aspects
The role of Electric rear-view mirror
Rear view mirrors for ranging and speed measurement installed for improved visibility. Through this special rearview mirror, the driver can see the distance of the following follow-up vehicle and estimate the speed of the vehicle to ensure safe driving.
Rear view mirror adjustment tips
At present, the general conventional car comes standard with three rear view mirrors: the left side, the right side, and the interior rear view mirror. Through these three rearview mirrors, our field of view can be extended by about 60 degrees, and with the human eye's 200-degree visual field of view, the driver's visual field of view in the car is about 260 degrees.
Anti glare rear-view mirror
The Anti glare rear-view mirror consists of a special mirror and two photodiodes and an electronic controller. The electronic controller receives the front and rear light signals from the photodiode and is mounted under the front windshield of the car. Can be divided into manual anti-glare rearview mirror automatic anti-glare rearview mirror.
How to judge the distance from the rear car through the rearview mirror in the car?
When we are buying the car home, everyone will feel that there are some miscellaneous fees in various aspects of the oil price that will make us feel that the pressure is still quite big, but the cars are also bought back, the oil still has to be added. And driving a car also requires a lot of precautions, for example, when we go to drive, if we want to change lanes, we need to look at the mirror and the distance behind it, for many Novices don't have much control over this point, so they don't know how many meters their rearview mirrors and distances will be.

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