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Coach side mirror KW342
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Project name: passenger side rearview mirror

Model: KW342

Type: side-view mirror

Function: driving safety

Certification: strong inspection certificate, 3C

App: Coach


· talk about the role of automobile reflectors

The rearview mirror is an important means to observe the dynamic traffic flow behind the car and on the far side and judge the relative spatial position. Rearview mirror standard position - after determining the comfortable driving position, adjust the rearview mirror Angle in the normal driving position (usually automatic or manual) so that it can directly and fully display the full view of the rear window. Function: through timely observation, master the dynamic traffic conditions around, choose the appropriate safe driving position (away from large vehicles, driving abnormal vehicles), once there is an emergency ahead (such as fault vehicles, landing on road obstacles, etc.), the driver can drive again. Bend quickly to a relatively safe side. To avoid or brake. It is often too late to observe the unexpected.

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